MTN Group staff

It’s a great, well-matched group, which is leaded by Martino Scarpa, Nicola Bacciolo and Tommaso Pardo, the trio which is bringing a significant contribution to the renovation of Venetian cooking. They are young and active people, able to imagine a future and bet on it. Now the trio is more active than ever and their determination is underlined by their professional goals: two restaurants in Cavallino and one in Venice; the new line of jams, biscuits and juices branded “Il Ramo d’oro”; and finally the recently takeover of the prestigious restaurant “Antica Torre” in the centre of Treviso…

Martino Scarpa is the star of the trio, because of his participation at the reality Tv show “La prova del cuoco” by Antonella Clerici. He is well known to the public, esteemed for his way of choosing raw materials, for his originality in cooking, and for his Venetian nature. In his work, he loves to test , to mix tradition and innovation without ever really leaving his proper cosmopolitan cooking view.

“Well, so we can define you as Marco Polo of Chefs?” we ask and Martino answers (laughing): ”…if you want you can call me Cristoforo Colombo too.. referring to my future project of landing in the USA…”

According to his age, Tommaso Pardo is the promising young chef in the group. With reference to his professional background, he gained his experience as first roll chef, working in many professional contexts, and working together with Martino for some years now. Tommaso is not only a chef, but also a food technician; he managed ,and is managing now, consultancy services about problems on agribusiness branch. According to this double professional figure, Tommaso is a guarantee for the group.

He expresses the energy of young talented people; his eyes are everyday turned to the international and he is ready to face new challenges.

“…as Martino…” we say to him, and he answers (smiling) : “we are travelling on the same Caravel”.

As businessman of the trio, Nicola embodies intuitions and expectations of the group, and turns the dreams into reality, without forgetting to analyze the practicality of their projects and and the availability of resources to realize them. Also Nicola plays a double role in his work: on the first side he is a businessman, on the second, he is a maitre and sommelier. In order to carry out his tasks even better, he works and studies very hard, at the same time. Due competenze che ha maturato nutrendo le sue esperienze lavorative con studi specializzati e di meticoloso approfondimento. When, at the end of lunch, he drives off in a hurry, Martino says to Tommaso (in Venetian dialect ): “…he drives up and down the hills, only to find Prosecco, but to choose the right one, his eyes have to twinkle like two stars…”. And when Nicola picks up also a suitcase , Tommaso says to Martino: “…this time he goes to France, he is crazy about French wines… we know it very well…” .

Martino, Nicola and Tommaso work together perfectly and this skill is felt by their co-workers. Their staff get the energy to accomplish both small and great feats from the harmony that the trio spreads.

From the staff we quote:

Alessia Rossi, Martino’s wife, who is the maitre of “Trattoria Laguna” and Nicola’s right-hand man when talking about business management.

Nicola Zaramella, chef of “Trattoria Laguna” and Tommaso’s friend. He is defined the trio’s go-to guy because of his kind heart, strong flavor in dishes and the experience he gained by working in foreign Michelin-starred-restaurants.

Andrea Rossetti , called “the Prince” is a cosmopolitan chef and sommelier; he works at “Ai do Campanili” as Martino’s right-hand man. He brings both passion andforeign professional experience to the menu of “Ai do Campanili”.

Maria Augusta Scolaro, is the creative-girl who sets the packages of “Il Ramo d’oro”. Moreover she is , with Alessia, supervisor of the dining room at “Trattoria Laguna”.

Francesco Pasqualinotto is an investigative chef. He has a globe-trotter attitude and a big passion for ethnic cuisine. He lives and works in London. Here he can breathe the melting pot atmosphere and express it into his dishes. He entered the staff in April 2015 as salesman for United Kingdom of “Il Ramo d’Oro” aiming at