It seems as Martino, Nicola and Tommaso are retracing nowadays the footsteps of Venetian chefs, when in the 50’s and 60’s , they were called by many leading figures in the area of Venice to liven up their parties that where held into beautiful houses or unique locations.

Indeed the trio is frequently called to liven up important events, with their banqueting/catering service.

Just a few examples:

Hermes concept store’s opening in Venice;

The 50th anniversary of Gruppo Pellegrini celebrated into “Palazzo Ducale” in Venice;

Generali Bank group’s happening at “Villa Contarini Nenzi”;

Venice Carnival 2014;

The events for the presentation of the book of Philippe Daverio – art critic- and for the art installation “SublimAzioni” of the artist Enrico Benetta at St.Gregory’s Abbey in Venice.

When talking about their out-of-home activities, Martino, Tommaso and Nicola say:

“Day by day, we realize that our work is respected also when we are away on business. During these events we offer the same quality that we offer in our restaurants. Clearly, we are pleased to continue a tradition that spread Venetian cooking style all over the world”.

“So, the expression Italian’s Ambassadors of Taste will fit to you?”

With a large smile on their face, they answer: “So, it could be right. In fact we are Venetians, our eyes are turned to the innovations in cooking and especially to the world. Needless to say: we are sons of Marco Polo…”.

We offer also catering and wedding services.

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