Our Roots are in this land of Sea, even so our eyes are turned to the world, looking for further wonders

“We grew up between the gardens of Cavallino and the salty air of the Adriatic; between the magic of Venice and the calm landscape of the Lagoon. It’s here where our cooking-style origin can be found. We come from the big tradition of Venice and Treviso’s chef, who improved the taste of meat and fish over the centuries, converting it in original and savory dishes.

Since the time of Marco Polo our wine and food culture has never been stationary. It is always on the move, even today; it explores new “light-taste” experiences and creates innovative combinations of flavours to satisfy the desire for novelty that most of the customers express day by day.

We are all descended from this cultural heritage; we love to be led by creativity and offer our guests new dishes every time, according to the cycle of the four seasons and the raw materials available. There are lots of kitchen tales behind our dishes and the guest can find a certain notion of “musicality” in all what we do. To our mind, the best way to gladden our guests is to bring to the table also some poetry together with the dishes we serve to them.”